Hello World!

Well here I am trying to catch up with the public internet world. I am an avid computer\gadget user and generally have strong and crazy opinions on how things should be. I figured maybe it was time to share some of these and see what happens. Most likely no one will read them or I won’t find the time to post, but lets give it a try.


Some of the things I am interested in:

  • Technology
    • By day I manage a software development and release engineering group so I am always into the latest in software development as well as computers in general. 
    • I enjoy finding and getting new gadgets as my budget allows
  • Science Fiction
    • Well I used to be an avid reader, and I still enjoy it but life tends to get in the way and time becomes an issue, but I always enjoy a good book. 
    • Fun fact my first child is named after Isaac Asimov my favorite author. There is something about his books which bring computers and technology alive. He had a strong understanding of science and technology but was able to see beyond what people were able to do in his day and dream how the future could be.
  • Family
    • Ok so maybe this one shouldn’t be third in the list, but the other two came first in my life and that is how my brain organizes things so deal with it 😉 I have a beautiful wife April and we have two crazy kids Isaac and Amelia. We do most things together as a family and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
  • Science
    • I have always had a love for learning new things. Sometimes I can get lost online reading articles and trying to understand new topics. Sometimes these are technology related but many times they are not.